#108: How to Disrupt the Automotive Industry w/ Bill Playford

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“Your store’s KPIs will rarely line up with a vendors best case scenario.”

Bill Playford is a partner at Dealer Knows Consulting, a top-ranked Internet consulting company for car dealers. Bill is also a vocal advocate for transparency in the automotive industry and often publishes incredibly thought-provoking material about how to improve processes, sift through the crap, and make big things happen.

In episode 108, Bill shares insights that will help you dial in on what your store can do to be unique, generate business, and leverage strengths. Bill also sheds light on how to accurately identify wins and losses so that you can make the right business and growth decisions for your dealership.

As it turns out, the tried, tested and proven way to disrupt the automotive industry is to start with yourself.

“As much as I would like to compete in a slam dunk competition against LeBron James, I know that’s never going to happen. I’ve accepted that limitation.”

Bill isn’t suggesting that you don’t aim high or work hard to push the limits, rather, it’s important to leverage your strengths and capabilities at the moment to push the envelope and grow, step by step.

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