Business Development centers(res) are popping up in dealerships across the world with the sole purpose of booking more appointments and selling more products and services. Anthony Alagona shares his best advice about how to develop more business by understanding that business development is not a department, it’s a mindset.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

02:57 – We’re never content and therefore very rarely satisfied.
07:05 – It is extremely important to show genuine care and concern for people in general.
07:58 – Put your mind to it, stay positive, focus on what you can control and you can do anything.
10:12 – The personality and a presentation that’s going to get you the sale.
10:37 – There’s a difference between a customer and a client.
10:40 – A customer comes once, clients are forever.
11:04 – Dealers need to review their pricing policies and understand how much more valuable it is to give price upfront.
12:35 – The first mistake is that sales professionals view the price as an objection.
12:55 – Sales is the language.
13:51 – The lack of communication or not using the right language causes wars.
14:35 – The way you deliver your message is more important than the actual message itself.
15:16 – The difference between a salesperson and a sales professional is the skill that they put behind their craft.
15:35 – We are so after the immediate gratification that we can’t even now do the thing that will make the most impact.
16:05 – You get rewarded in public for what you practice in private.
16:18 – You can make a good living if you work hard at your job, but you can make a fortune if you work hard on yourself.
16:39 – You have to consciously create your habits because your habits unconsciously create your reality.
17:04 – If you’re willing to change, everything around you is going to change.
19:38 – You got to shift your paradigm. You’ve got to shift your mindset.
21:33 – Try to lead by example.
21:56 – It’s not about the money, it’s about the relationship.
22:43 – If you want to change what a person’s going to do, you’ve got to change how they feel about it.
26:16 – The small steps are more important than the big goal at the end in the long run.
26:52 – Focus on what you can control.
27:15 – Take your big goal and you can reverse engineer it into small goals. You can’t just jump to the top. You got to go step by step and accomplish those small goals.
28:05 – Your networks is your net worth. Surround yourself with the right people and keep the right people in your circle.
29:40 – You don’t find your passion, you don’t go looking for passion, just work with passion. And eventually, it’s going to show up.
31:04 – The information without application is just information but information with application equals transformation.
32:09 – Stay focused, remain calm, provide value, maintain control, stay curious, always learn, be patient, don’t overthink, take action.
39:23 – It’s your choice to be happy and successful.
43:32 – A lot of salespeople lose their deals when they focus on the deal instead of just being focused on the customer experience.

Sales is a language

Anthony adds that change is coming and the way you interact with your customers is going to make you and your business a winner or a loser. Dealerships and salespeople at this day and age need to start transitioning from selling into serving. It’s not about the money, it’s about the relationship.


Anthony says that when you set big goals for you and your business, it is essential to break that goal down into actionable steps you can do each month, week and day to come closer to that goal. The small steps are more important than the big goal at the end in the long run. Very often it is not the end result that changes us but the path we took to get there.

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