Andrew Lemoine knows what it takes to climb the ladder in the retail car business. He’s done it, and is proof that others can do it as well. He’s worked as a sales professional, and worked his way to becoming a General Sales Manager, General Manager and now, Technology Founder.

Case in point: If you’re struggling to know what you can do to grow in your career in the retail auto industry, Andrew’s story will highlight some things you can do to climb the ladder.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

0:51 – What was your journey like from the dealership to the tech world?
5:27 – You are going to fail more than you win.
6:06 – How did you get in the car business to begin with?
13:46 – Is risk-taking necessary to climb the ladder in life and business?
17:19 – Success takes time, patience and it takes persistence. There is no overnight success.
28:43 – The best way to predict a future is to create it.
30:30 – What is your recommendation for the dealer that wants to move into the hybrid approach? What should their approach be?

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