Alexi Venneri, founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, shares her experience about why first impressions matter online. From the first ad consumers see and the first result the interact with on Google to the first time they land on your website or first interaction with your team.

In this episode of The Dealer Playbook, Alexi shares her best advice for dealers looking to improve their digital first impression including quick tips and strategies to make it happen.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

03:47 – When working with dealers in our agency and working for a dealer, I learned more than I did working for any large company in automotive or any tech company. It was the best training ground ever.
04:36 – Social networks are where your customers hang out all the time. Why are we still using old school methods? Why are we doing traditional advertising? We need to find a way to get on these social networks and leverage them to drive traffic to dealers.
07:39 – Let’s do what’s right for our dealers to get the results and not necessarily worry about having every right idea or using a specific product. We just wanted to help them rank better on the first-page search. We wanted to get them better reviews, we wanted to help them engage with consumers.
08:21 – Obstacles at the moment stems the greatness that comes in the future. It’s always painful at the moment. And there’s always those moments of doubt and fear and frustration. But look at what comes from it.
08:51 – Be a good person and to do what’s right to whoever you are providing a service for.
10:02 – What kind of results are we talking about specifically? Results come in all different shapes and formats.
10:32 – What traffic are they losing by not converting it? What’s the cost of ignoring it?
11:03 – You have to convert it and it is all about that consumer experience and how do we get the engagement that translates into turning consumers into customers and ultimately loyal customers.
13:20 – We’ve always been metrics-driven and we hold ourselves accountable.
13:36 – Every dealer got to be really specific and customized. What enhances the consumer experience and helps your team do more.
14:33 – It can be harder today to get people that you can hire that are really qualified for the store.
14:49 – Monitor online reviews, conversations, sentiments, do surveys.
15:40 – The most valuable thing we have is time, right? Get back time with more automation.
15:57 – How can we help consumers have a better experience and help our dealers in the process?
17:55 – How do we make the best impression that we possibly can for the customer.
19:08 – Focus on the quality of your team – it is your biggest asset. Be fiercely protective of them and their time, help automate some things and give them better tools.
19:30 – Have 10 fewer people on staff. But take those dollars that would’ve gone to those 10 people and give the people that are a little higher wage or a bonus or better tools. You’re going to keep those people and they’re going to be super motivated.
20:31 – How do you make sure that you not only have a great experience but then maximize dealer profit as well?
21:14 – Personalize the follow up from your sales executives with video.
23:58 – We always say streamline the process. How do we not just streamline our process but how do we make it easier for the customer as well?
25:44 – What are some of the common things you see that need to be cleaned up or that the dealers should strongly consider cleaning up in order to make a better digital first impression?
27:00 – We tend to know what a budget should look like based on the market size of store brand and what their goals are.
27:54 – We see dealerships completely unaware of how they can leverage Facebook Marketplace and respond to those leads and prospects through Messanger.
30:54 – Why we’ve been able to focus on some of these new solutions and bring them to market and grow as a company because we’ve always been about listening to consumers.
33:13 – Prioritize and tackle what is bleeding the most. Have a plan over a period of time.


Alexi says that it is crucial for a dealership to have an action plan to improve their sales, customer experience and online presence. Start with one area of improvement and make sure to get that improved to the level you set for your team in the plan. Only then move to the next area of improvement. The best idea is to start with a metric that is lacking the most or that will most likely bring the biggest impact.


Alexi adds that it is also important to think outside the box, be creative and, most definitely, innovative. Study your competitors to see what is working for them. Do not be afraid to try something new. Survey and talk to your customers about their experience and listen to their feedback. Motivate, inspire and reward your existing sales team to build a strong business foundation. Nurture more responsibility and ownership within your team. Help them be the best they can be and watch them and your business grow.

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