Ok, so what’s the deal with emotional intelligence? Why do business leaders like Gary Vaynerchuk talk so much about it? Alex Swire-Clark, host of the rapport advantage podcast and CEO of Solar Inc., shares his best advice about why it’s important and how it can positively impact your dealership.

Noteworthy Topics from this Episode:

3:10 – What are the pieces of emotional intelligence we forget about and don’t see?
6:18 – Do you think that should be a part of the onboarding process?
8:02 – Put the right people in the right spots in your business.
11:56 – How do you ultimately get to the fundamental consensus on truth in regards to the right fit for a position?
15:11 – How would you recommend a leader introduce this type of program to their team?
19:36 – Leaders do not realize 99% of the challenges they face are people related.
25:54 – You have to adapt your communication to the person you are speaking with.
28:28 – Develop a common purpose and a common pathway for your team to hold everyone accountable.
29:33 – You need to have visions and values documented.
34:02 – When you are implementing anything into your company, get an expert in that area.


Alex adds that the bottom line is that our people are our greatest assets and it is our missions as leaders to make sure the right person is placed at the right spot in your business. It is no longer an option to hire based on the words in the resume. We need to make sure that the new hire has the experience but also the communication, peoples, management or leadership skills that are required for that specific role. And most importantly, even before writing a job description, we need to actually figure out what skills, personality, qualities a specific role requires and what kind of an employee would perfectly fit into this role.

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